If you create 1 tonne of food waste per week you can make money with BioNova…



Removes Waste Costs

Imagine removing the rapidly increasing cost of food and organic waste disposal (and all those unsightly bins too)…

Produces Heat or Cooling

The system produces a valuable biomass fuel which is burned on its own or with additional wood based bio-fuel to offset the cost of heating or cooling…

Attracts RHI Funding

The installation attracts RHI funding so that you can ‘earn while you burn!” (subject to eligibility)…




Watch our 'One Minute Introduction to BioNova' video here...

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“BioNova’s unique approach means that in just 24 hours from leaving the plate we can turn food waste
into a highly efficient fuel that provides direct heat energy to our hot water systems.”

Lewtrenchard Manor

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